Vibe Check Episode 02

Self Expression: From Skincare to Virtual Office

With guest Nick Allen

Host: Brett Martin

Episode synopsis

In this episode, Vibe Check’s host Brett Martin sits down with Nick Allen, Founder and CEO of Geologie, to discuss all things remote work– the pros, cons, tips and tricks. Nick founded Geologie in 2018, and takes listeners through the evolution of his fully remote company that now offers award-winning unisex skincare, haircare, and bodycare products. Nick describes the opportunities that result from operating as a remote company, including a diverse global talent pool and cut costs. 

With a flat organizational structure and high-trust environment, Nick confidently leads his fully remote team using a virtual office. He discusses topics of remote hiring, onboarding, and building company culture as a fully remote team in Kumospace. Nick pivoted away from enterprise-based remote work tools to using Kumospace, where his team is able to gather, build camaraderie, express themselves, and even throw virtual launch parties! The Geologie team maximizes productivity by balancing individual focus time and team collaboration, and contributes to a positive work environment that fuels remote company culture in Kumospace. 

Guest bio

Nick Allen is the Founder and CEO at Geologie, a leading direct to consumer skincare company serving 10,000 customers worldwide. Geologie offers a vast array of award-winning unisex skincare, haircare and bodycare products. Created in 2018, Nick has been leaidng the fully remote Geologie skincare team since its inception.